Davide D’Elia
Booze Around Light Bulbs
27/02 - 03/03

Wednesday 27/02 6pm - 9pm Private View

In D'Elia's album of subtle but strong dichotomies, 22 objects, which are connected to each other through association, are placed in opposition to each other depending on whether we might perceive them as either 'warm' or 'cold'. They are depicted in their pairs on either a cyan grid (cold) which or red concentric circles (warm). The lipstick and pritstick, the letter and iphone, the eggtimer and digital clock; are summoned by the artist to highlight our consensus that nature, movement, the past etc. are warm, and particularly so when placed side by side with the artificial, the static, the futuristic.
D'Elia invites us to look on the world as a series of potentially warm or cold moments. These moments are contained within objects and they are released through our perception.

Davide D’Elia, Lives and works between London and Rome.
He has been exhibitied in Italy, U.K., Slovenia, Greece and Lebanon.
D'Elia is supported by Ex Elettrofonica, Rome.

Venue: 197-199 Stoke Newington High St, London N16 0LH

Wednesday 27/02 6pm - 9pm Private View
Thursday 28/02 6pm - 9pmOpening

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